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  • Therapeutic Body Massage Therapy

    body massage therapy

    Lying on the table under fresh sheets, hushed music will draw
    you into the moment. You’ll sense the light aromatherapy that
    fills the air, and soon you find yourself taking that deep,
    releasing breath.

    Our massage therapist will work away the pains of time and the
    throbbing from your overstressed muscles using our Aveda skin
    conditioning oil blend, which nourishes your skin with plant oils
    such as sweet almond, avocado, and sesame with vitamin E.

    Relax knowing that your massage therapist is educated in anatomy
    and physiology. Combined with intuition and experience their
    technique will guide your body back to a state of calm. At the
    end, you will feel more balanced and refreshed.


    Aveda’s signature aroma synergy blends can be added to most massage experiences to balance your mind, body, and spirit.


    10 min. Chair Massage

    Perfect for a little neck and shoulder relief for just to decompress from the day. We encourage you to have this before or after your hair service.


    Table Massage 30 min.

    This is a short and effective way to relieve some stress and tension, focusing on the neck, back, and shoulders. This is an essential choice to end your challenging day.


    60 Minute Massage

    Let us ease your tension with a customized massage by combining a Swedish and shiatsu technique, as we calm your nervous system and boost circulation while alleviating muscle pain and restore structural balance, by loosening tight muscles and softening connective tissues.This massage treatment is design to deliver the  ultimate relaxation and recovery.


    90 Minute Massage

    This therapeutic, full-body session allows you the extra time to truly decompress while increasing circulation, eliminating impurities, and reducing stress.


    60 Minute Prenatal Massage

    Expectant moms experience unique physical and emotional changes that occur as a result of increased weight, shifting posture, and adjusting hormone levels.The soothing essence of massage allows pregnant moms to unwind and feel serene, healthy, and comforted during a period of added physical and emotional stress.


    45 Minute Reflexology

    We begin by soaking your feet in Aveda’s Stress Fix Soaking Salts infused with organic lavender and clary sage, which both carry calming properties. Then our massage therapist works away the tension and fatigue from your feet while stimulating reflex points associated with organs in your body to encourage balance.


    Massage Package of 6-1 Hour

    (Value at $510)


    Gift Cards Available

    75 minute Hot Stone Massage

    Immerse yourself and transport your mind to a peaceful place when your body absorbs the heat from the Natural Smooth Basalt stones, combined with the luxury and aroma of warmed oils, massaged all over your body, designed to achieve the maximum total relaxation

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Our skilled Massage Therapist will target your body’s deepest layer of muscle, and connective tissues with a slow, strong pressure, deep strokes and friction across the muscle grain to release chronic tension in over stress areas.


    15 minute Foot Bath Soak

    AVEDA’S Caribbean Soak softens and conditioning skin with coconut, avocado and passionfruit oils; uplifting with island aromas.or Stress Fix foot bath soak, infused with organic lavender and clary sage, which both carry calming properties.



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